Webinar: Enabling Network Programmability & Automation with NETCONF/YANG

Join our upcoming webinar with Light Reading Sr. Analyst, James Crawshaw and our very own John Lawitzke, ConfD Product Manager as they discuss the network equipment provider (NEP) market and the period of unprecedented changes happening now due to advanced approaches including SDN and NFV. How do NEPs cope with this exponential change? Through automation. This webinar will discuss programmability as the key enabler for automation and ultimately in making devices more programmable.

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SDN NFV World Congress

October 8-12, 2018
The Hague, Netherlands

Tail-f will be at this year’s event providing use cases and best practices on improved programmability.

If you are interested in meeting us at the show, schedule a conversation now:

Tail-f – ConfD Developer Days 2018

Fall 2018
San Jose, California

Please check back often for more details on this year’s event. Attendees will learn in-depth about:

  • ConfD and Cloud-Native
  • Data Provider: Advanced and Optimal Use
  • ConfD Best Practices
  • AAA: A Practical Guide
  • Much more