Alternatives to the ConfD Provided pyang Tool


The pyang utility tool is a YANG parser written in Python which can use plug-in backends to format its output.  This tool has previously been part of the ConfD distribution and used as part of the ConfD toolchain. As of ConfD 6.5, the inclusion of pyang in the ConfD distribution was deprecated.  The pyang tool will no longer be included in the ConfD distribution as of ConfD 7.1. As such, we wanted to formally address this in our latest application note.

The ConfD compiler, confdc, used to call pyang “under the covers” as part of its processing.  For quite some time now, confdc has instead been using a new tool called “yanger.”  The yanger tool is written in Erlang and delivers significant performance improvement over the pyang tool.

This change only impacts customers who have been using pyang directly from the ConfD distribution.  This month’s application note “Replacing the pyang Tool” looks at the alternatives for replacing the version of pyang which had been distributed with ConfD.  The alternatives include using the open source version of pyang from GitHub or replacing with other types of processing and handling.

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