Announcing ConfD Developer on GitHub


We are excited to announce the launch of ConfD Developer on Github, providing a public place to share and collaborate around application code and tools related to ConfD. This new channel provides our users with additional demo and sample application code that can be leveraged to expand the benefits and usage of ConfD. For example, in the past, if you were reading one of our application notes, you had to copy and paste code listings from the PDF file in order to try out the code and experiment with it. For future application notes, all sample codes will be available on ConfD Developer. We will also be delivering additional content such as the presentations from our recent ConfD Developer Days 2019 conference.

However, ConfD Developer is not just a way for us to provide content to you. It also provides a platform for user to user sharing and collaboration on ConfD application code and useful utility tool programs. User contributions are very much welcome. We have developed a set of guidelines as well as other information around submitting projects to ConfD Developer.

We hope that you find this new resource useful and look forward to your contributions to the community!

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