AppNote: ConfD on Docker

From time-to-time we get asked some interesting questions on ConfD’s integration capabilities and what else can it be used for. We have been asked on more than one occasion about Docker and how we might work with, complement or support it. The good news is – ConfD works great with Docker-based virtualized network functions.

To help explain how this connects with ConfD we have written an application note “ConfD on Docker”, intended to be the first in a series, explaining the few necessary steps to ensure ConfD is running properly in Docker containers.

The advantages of running containerized applications are well known:

  • Controlled environment – Easy to return to a known baseline, just shut down and remove the container instance and create a new instance.
  • Virtualization – Run multiple isolated ConfD instances without resorting to port fiddling (multi-tenancy).
  • Lightweight – Much more lightweight than virtualization in VMs, containers consume a lot less CPU/memory/disk resources.
  • Less space required – Limit resources allowed to be used by ConfD running inside of a container: CPU, memory, disk space, capabilities, etc.
  • Increased security – Even if compromised access is limited to container

It may be hard to believe but by in large everything works just as usual with ConfD with only a few tweaks to the setup are necessary to make full use of the container environment. This first application note provides a good view of the options available and a few tips and tricks to help run ConfD inside Docker containers. Get your copy today.

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