Are you ready for Digital Transformation? Your Competitors Are!


You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing how digital transformation is changing the way things work and the way we do business. For instance, I recently had to visit my dentist for some work and for my annual check-up. In the past, when you arrived you would check-in and then have to fill out a form and/or update your health records. They would then do x-rays using film, take about 15 minutes to develop it, and let you know how many cavities you had. The office was filled from floor to ceiling with customer files. My recent visit showed how far we have come. Appointment reminders are done via email and text messages. The office had been totally transformed with no paper files as all health records were now digitized. When I went back to the room there was a computer where they could enter any info and update my records directly. Even the x-rays are now done directly to a computer as a digital image using a USB attached sensor.

This is just one of many examples that I could share about how digital transformation is changing how we work and interact each day. With everything flowing digitally, it is important to ensure that the data and connectivity within the business are running smoothly. The key enabler of all this transformation in the digital age is the network. The question is, are you delivering network elements that are digital-ready and tie to the ever-evolving enterprise and its business objectives?

Cisco has developed a five-stage maturity model for networks which reflects readiness for digital transformation.  The five stages of network maturity are:

  1. Best effort
  2. Manual
  3. Semi-automated
  4. Automated
  5. Self-driving

The last two stages of network maturity, automated and self-driving, provide the fastest way to implement the most digital change across the business while meeting business objectives. The challenge comes with all the complexity tied to automation and the demand to become faster and more agile. To support companies implementing digital transformation strategies across the network, programmability will be the key enabler to their success.

One way to ensure that you support your customers’ digital transformation needs is to leverage market-leading network programmability technologies like ConfD. By placing programmability capabilities at the heart of your network device, you can ensure that you are delivering an agile and efficient network element which will enable your customers to reach the automated and self-driving stages of network maturity.

At the end of the day, network programmability in the enterprise is the key enabler for any digital transformation strategy. See what ConfD can do for your current and future network device programmability projects.

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