Book of the Month, Quarter, and Year Club: Network Programmability with YANG


If you are reading this, then you clearly see things the way we do: networks are evolving at light speed and require a superhuman effort to scale faster than what was conceivable just a few years ago. With the implementation of automation solutions and capabilities into the network, we no longer have to do everything by hand; the door is open to accelerating automation and programmability in the network.

With this said, we wanted to recommend a fantastic read on how to accomplish all of this without losing your mind. “Network Programmability with YANG” provides the most complete and reliable directions to unlock the full power of network automation using data model driven APIs and protocols such as NETCONF.

You may be wondering why we are talking about this book. For starters, it is right in our wheelhouse with regards to network programmability and YANG data modeling. It is the most complete guide on this topic. But to be honest, we are excited about this book because one of the co-authors is our very own YANG pioneer – Jan Lindblad.

If you have ever seen or heard Jan discuss network programmability, you know that this book will be a great conversational read that can guide you through successfully applying software practices based on YANG data models. The book focuses on the network operations layer, emphasizing data model driven APIs and underlying transports such as NETCONF and RESTCONF.

No matter your role in the process, whether you’re a network operator, DevOps engineer, software developer, orchestration engineer, NMS/OSS architect, service engineer, or manager, this guide can help you dramatically improve the agility and manageability throughout your network creating greater value.

Don’t just take our word for it, get your own copy today here.

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