A Call for All ConfD Users to do Interoperability Testing with EANTC

Last month at the SDN World Congress, Verizon joined the ranks of AT&T, DT and Level3 of Service Providers who are tired of paying for adapters for network elements that do not use the industry standard API of NETCONF & YANG. As a company that is at the epicenter of NETCONF and YANG world, it’s no surprise to see more and more organizations lean in and take advantage of NETCONF and YANG capabilities. Last year we accepted the invitation from the independent networking test house EANTC to participate as protocol experts and support their judges in the first official NETCONF and YANG device interoperability tests.

As more vendors start to bring their devices to marketing with this API, it is important that we ensure that these interfaces are indeed interoperable. We are excited to once again participate in the EANTC NETCONF & YANG interoperability testing being held in Paris on March 21. This year Cisco NSO will be used as the testing agent. As valued ConfD customers, you have the advantage of having the industry leading management agent with NETCONF & YANG. We believe this will be a great opportunity for you to show the industry that your elements are part of the open API eco-system that Service Providers are demanding. Tail-f’s own Jan Lindblad will be doing the testing on behalf of Tail-f and Cisco. We can also offer assistance to ConfD customers who are under support.

To learn more about event and testing you can go to the EANTC website. Additional information about the commercial contract and testing deadlines can be provided by Kathrin Henze (henze@eantc.de). You may also contact us directly at marketing@tail-f.com.

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