Cisco NSO Developer Days 2019 – Come for Work, Stay for Midsummer

CommunityGuest Post By: Nicklas Wagerth, Alliance Manager and NSO Community Lead at Cisco

I know that at many points in our lives we have Wanderlust, a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel and see the world. We get it, being in a new place and experiencing the culture that can be exciting and relaxing all at the same time. Yet, there is this thing called work that often gets in the way of these experiences.

There is a great opportunity to solve the Wanderlust, while providing the perfect event to learn new skills in network orchestration and automation. Every year the NSO community meet face to face and we call this event “NSO Developer Days”.  We see this as a perfect chance to increase our knowledge in making sustainable changes in the network that deliver services faster and at a lower cost. You are invited to join us this year at Cisco Developer Days 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • What: Cisco NSO Developer Days 2019 – The annual community event for Network Orchestration and Automation Professionals
  • When: June 18-20
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Here is a link to learn about last year’s event to get a taste of what you will experience this year. Stockholm is an amazing place to visit and a great place to be doing work at the same time. Developer Days attendees include system integrators, technology partners, Cisco solutions architects, subject matter experts and NSO Developers. This is quite the list of folks that want to share their knowledge with you around managing complex networks.

NSO Developer Days 2019 will include technical sessions, hands-on workshops and a number of networking events to expand your network and orchestration knowledge. You can expect to:

  • Understand what NSO is designed for and how to make best use of it
  • Learn about the latest features and future plans
  • Learn how to make a sustainable change to get services out in the network faster at a much lower cost
  • Engage directly with the NSO product development team and product managers
  • Learn from NSO users as they share their experience with industry peers
  • Meet Cisco NSO Partners

This is the perfect opportunity to check off the “Did you learn anything new?” question that inevitably will come from managers as you attend conferences. More importantly, you will be going to an amazing country, Sweden, during the lightest time of the year. And will do so right in the middle of the country’s most popular summer festival – Midsummer. Our evening event this year will actually be a mini version of the popular feast at the popular Skansen Park.

This event is the perfect opportunity to build new knowledge, network with like-minded professionals and get out and see the world. So, if you are using or planning to use Cisco NSO register today.

Don’t wait, register today and help achieve that Wanderlust. You can register on our website:

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