ConfD 6.6 – What’s New?

As of March 1, 2018 we launched the newest release of ConfD, version 6.6 and with it we are pleased to introduce a few new examples. Below are simple descriptions of these examples. To learn more about any of these please connect with our User community on the ConfD Forum, contact support or contact your Solutions Architect.

  • Python/Transform: A python version of the simple transform example is included showing how to perform basic transformation between two simple hand-crafted models without SNMP or other extra features that might distract the user.
  • Demonstrate usage of the cdb_get_modifications() call: In this example A simple one phase CDB subscriber registers for changes in a YANG model. When triggered by ConfD, the cdb_get_modifications() routine is used to retrieve a list of the configuration changes entered by the user. The example application walks the list and prints its XML representation to stdout.
  • Python/iter cdb: A python version of the iter cdb subscription example shows how to use cdb.diff_iterate() and traverse the change set committed in the transaction and update internal data structures.
  • MAAPI Confirmed Commit: Also added is a confirmed-commit section to the MAAPI example. This addition shows how to use maapi_confirmed_commit() and related MAAPI calls to set confirmed commits as well as confirming outstanding commits and abort the either explicitly or implicitly using timeouts.

These are just a few of the additions we have made to improve the usability and flexibility of ConfD. We also included more examples that also are worth mentioning. Please keep an eye on our blog posts for more information on these and future releases. New examples include:

  • delayed reply example
  • high level python example
  • kicker example
  • programmable rest/restconf example
  • MAAPI example (c and python variants)
  • the in service upgrade example has been added to the ConfD Basic example set
  • timeout and locks example

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