ConfD 6.7 and its New Examples Announced!

We are pleased to announce the release of ConfD 6.7 with new examples that expand to all languages (C, Java and Python), add two RESTCONF examples and a way to subscribe to operational state data from CDB.

With this new release, we offer Java versions of the maapi transform and hooks examples in the intro directory. With these final examples, we now have a full set of examples for all languages and all examples in the intro directory.

We have also added two more RESTCONF examples. The first example, restconf_notifications is a RESTCONF version of the netconf_notifications example which has been available in ConfD for many years. The second example demonstrates how to use YANG Patch (RFC 8072), which extension the RESTCONF protocol with a new media type. The functionality specified in YANG Patch gives RESTCONF client developers with more precise control of the edit procedure than the “plain patch” mechanism found in RFC 8040 (the main RESTCONF RFC). Both the Notifications and the YANG Patch examples can be found in the restconf directory.

Finally, we have developed a small example that demonstrates how to subscribe for operational state date from CDB. The example is available in both C and Python versions and they are both located in the cdb_oper directory in the example set.

This new release offers greater opportunities to expand programmability across network elements and with no additional charge to existing customers. To learn more contact your sales representative or reach us here.

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