ConfD 7.1 Release Highlights


We are very excited to release ConfD 7.1, with numerous exciting new features as well as deprecation notices for a few obsolete features.  This blog post will highlight a few of the more important additions, changes, and deprecations.  However, it only touches the surface and, as with any release, you should read the CHANGES file to fully understand what is highlighted here as well as to learn about everything which has changed in this release.

New features include:

  • An enhancement to the Data Provider API to pass filter criteria to the Data Provider instead of moving all data from the Data Provider to the ConfD daemon and performing the filtering within the ConfD daemon.
  • Memory usage of data model schema usage within the ConfD daemon process has been reduced.
  • Relaxation of the version check when a libconfd application connects to the ConfD daemon. It has been found useful for certain use cases for an application using libconfd vX.Y to be able to connect to a ConfD daemon vX.(Y+1) during the upgrade process.
  • Addition of an extension to the NETCONF <lock> RPC to add a “wait-time” option.
  • Transaction commit performance improvements
  • Support of the YANG “status” statement via “confdc –max-status”

Additionally, we have made several changes to the confd.conf settings.  Again, we suggest that you read the complete CHANGES files for full details but below you will find a couple of the more important changes:

  • Startup, running, and candidate datastores are now configured under /confdConfig/datastores.
  • Several NETCONF capabilities are no longer configured via confd.conf and instead are automatically enabled and advertised if the corresponding YANG file is present in the loadpath.

Also below are a couple of deprecation announcements, including:

  • The legacy REST API has been deprecated and will be removed in ConfD v7.3. It has been recommended for a long time that the standards-based RESTCONF API should be used instead of the older, Tail-f proprietary REST API.  See the ConfD User Guide for documentation on migrating from the legacy REST API to RESTCONF.
  • Python 2 support for the Python API has been deprecated. This is in line with the EOL of Python 2 across the industry.  You should migrate your Python 2 code to Python 3.

As noted above these are just a few of the new updates and enhancements to ConfD v7.1. We are excited about all the new features and innovations that are being offered in the latest version of ConfD. Be sure to take the time to read the CHANGES file from the ConfD distribution for full details about what is new in ConfD v7.1.

You can access the new Confd 7.1 here:

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