ConfD 7.5 Release Highlights

CommunityWe are happy to announce the release of ConfD 7.5 with several exciting new features.  This blog post highlights the most important enhancements, changes, and deprecations.  These, however, are just the highlights.  As with any new ConfD release, you should read the CHANGES file to learn more about what is highlighted here as well as to learn about everything else which is new in this release.

New features include:

  • YANG-Push has been enhanced to add experimental support for subscription to push-change-update notifications on operational datastore in YANG-Push (RFC 8641). Experimental means that some of the newly added API, code, and behavior may change in the future. As this is an important feature of YANG-Push, user feedback during the experimental state is highly desired.
  • IP Source Binding added. It is now possible to configure explicit source IP addresses for NETCONF call home and for NETCONF copy-config RPC leading to uploads of XML using sftp or ftp URL.
  • CDB is now updated in the COMMIT phase before any subscribers are invoked. This leads to faster aborts and non-committed changes not being visible.
  • The setting /confdConf/CLI/preserveSemicolon has been introduced to enable the ability to preserve semicolon as an ordinary char instead of using the semicolon as a keyword to separate CLI statements in the I- and C-style CLI.
  • Loading of FXS files now detects duplicate modules sharing the same namespace and aborts loading. Loading consistency has been further improved by loading files within a single load directory in lexical order.
  • In order to comply with both RFC 6020 and RFC 7950, confdc now returns an error instead of a warning if a constraint on a config true node contains an XPath expression that refers to a config false node.
  • Added a filter to data kickers for excluding either configuration  (config true) or operational data (config false) from triggering the kicker. When the filter is applied to a data kicker the changes underneath the monitored node will be filtered so that the excluded data will not trigger the kicker.
  • Added /confdConfig/restconf/showHidden (default: false). Setting this to ‘true’ unhides hidden nodes accessed via RESTCONF.
  • Added a generic data provider example under examples.confd/dp/generic_perf targeting optimal wall-clock time performance.
  • Updated Python API documentation pages to a new format and corrected inconsistencies with actual Python code.
  • The User Guide has been updated with a new section on filtering in the CLI.
  • A new section has been added to the YANG chapter in the User Guide on caveats about using unions and value conversion.

Removals include:

  • It is no longer possible to use Python 3.4 with ConfD. As a bare minimum Python 3.5 must be used, but we strongly advise using at least Python 3.7 as Python 3.5 support will be removed from ConfD 7.7.
  • The previously deprecated tailf:symlink statement has been removed.

Deprecation announcements include:

  • Python 3.5 has been deprecated and will be removed in ConfD 7.7. You should upgrade your Python environment and make sure everything works with Python 3.7or higher.

As previously noted, these are just a few of the new updates and enhancements in ConfD 7.5. We are excited about all the new features and innovations that are being offered in the latest version of ConfD. Be sure to take the time to read the CHANGES file from the ConfD distribution for full details about what is new in ConfD 7.5.

You can access ConfD Premium 7.5 here: