ConfD 7.8 Release Highlights

We are happy to announce the release of ConfD 7.8 with several exciting new features.  This blog post highlights the most important enhancements, changes, and deprecations.  These, however, are just the highlights.  As with any new ConfD release, you should read the CHANGES file to learn more about what is highlighted here as well as to learn about everything else which is new in this release.

New features include:

  • Performance improvements in the validation phase.
  • The ‘trigger-expression’ of a kicker can now in some cases be used to refine the kicker ‘monitor’ to avoid unnecessary evaluations.
  • New configuration option under confdConfig/ssh/rekeyLimit allowing to specify SSH rekey interval in bytes, or in minutes, for built-in SSH servers. The limits are checked every minute. Rekeying initiated by the other peer will still occur.
  • The CDB Operational database is now compacted when calling the initiate_journal_compaction command.
  • Performance of displaying a diff in the CLI where large lists are combined with data nodes that use the tailf:cli-reset-container, tailf:cli-reset-siblings, or tailf:cli-reset-all-siblings extensions has improved.
  • The Python high-level API documentation was improved and is now consistent with providing information on argument and return parameters and examples where necessary.
  • log4j has been upgraded to version 2.17.1.
  • The “confd –debug-dump <File>” command now supports additional options. See the ConfD User Guide chapter “General Troubleshooting Strategies” section “Debug Dump” for more details.
  • SNMP support added for the following algorithms: usmHMAC128SHA224AuthProtocol, usmHMAC192SHA256AuthProtocol, usmHMAC256SHA384AuthProtocol. See SNMP-USM-HMAC-SHA2-MIB.mib for details.
  • The CLI will now show the help text for YANG “identity” statements when the YANG “description” information is used as help text.

Removals include:

  • None of note.

Deprecation announcements include:

  • As first announced in the ConfD 7.6 release, the ConfD build toolchain will be updated for ConfD 8.0. This impacts the oldest version of glibc supported for use on Linux. As of the ConfD 8.0 release, the minimum version of glibc supported for Linux will be glibc-2.24 for all ConfD CPU architectures.

As previously noted, these are just a few of the new updates and enhancements in ConfD 7.8. We are excited about all the new features and innovations that are being offered in the latest version of ConfD. Be sure to take the time to read the CHANGES file from the ConfD distribution for full details about what is new in ConfD 7.8.

You can access ConfD Premium 7.8 here: