ConfD Basic 7.1.1 – Now with Python


We are excited to announce the release of ConfD Basic 7.1.1. This release contains a major new addition to ConfD Basic as well as a few product announcements.

What’s NEW:

The key new feature for ConfD Basic 7.1.1 is the addition of the Python API to the product. Many users have asked us to include the Python API with ConfD Basic and we have listened. To learn more about the Python API, consult the documentation under doc/api/python in your ConfD Basic installation as well as examining the various Python examples starting with the ones under examples.confd/intro/python.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the availability of ConfD maintenance releases starting with the release of ConfD Basic 7.2. Previously, we have only been releasing the ConfD Basic major releases two or three times a year. Starting with ConfD Basic 7.2, we will be releasing 7.2.1, 7.2.2, etc. through one maintenance release past the next major release. This is an exciting new approach that we hope will provide you with much more information and detail as well as faster access to bug fixes.

What’s Changing:

As a reminder, as previously announced, ConfD Basic 7.2 will be the last release of ConfD Basic for PowerPC 32-bit.  The very low rate of use of this release no longer justifies the effort to build, test, and release it.  We will be continuing to supply ConfD Basic for Linux x86 64-bit, Linux x86 32-bit, and Darwin (Mac) x86 64-bit.

To learn more about other new product enhancements that are available in ConfD 7.1.1, please, see my previous blog post about 7.1 release highlights.

Download ConfD Basic 7.1.1 today!


Are you using ConfD Basic to build a commercial product?  If you are and want to learn more about our new free ConfD Basic priority support program, please, contact us.

Finally, our ConfD Developer Days 2019 is coming in October. This ConfD application developer’s conference provides an excellent opportunity for our ConfD Basic users to grow their knowledge and skills.  Learn more about ConfD Developer Days 2019

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