ConfD Basic

NETCONF and YANG for Free!

Implement Programmability at No Cost

Tail-f has created a free version of ConfD, a powerful management agent software framework for network elements. Network Element Providers (NEPs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can download and use ConfD Basic — at no cost — to radically reduce the time and resources needed to implement advanced programmable management capability in their network elements and applications.

As a way to easily enable further industry adoption of NETCONF and YANG, Tail-f provides a free version of ConfD called ConfD Basic. This free version is, in many ways, identical to Tail-f’s full version of our industry-leading product, ConfD Premium (with a few limitations).

Vendors can use this free version of ConfD to develop programmable NETCONF and YANG enabled products. There are three core advantages for network element vendors who use ConfD:

ConfD Benefits

Streamlined Development

It is faster and cheaper to build northbound management interfaces and applications with ConfD.


Northbound management interfaces and applications developed with ConfD are more complete, reliable, and functional than those developed in-house.

NETCONF/YANG Management Tools

Large service providers, such as AT&T and Deutsche Telekom prefer the NETCONF and YANG standards.