Customizing the ConfD CLI: Operational Mode

One of the most visible and powerful features of ConfD is its ability to automatically render a variety of CLI styles from YANG data models.  A ConfD user can simply write a YANG data model, start ConfD, and login and use a full featured CLI without doing any development work.  Many times though, the ConfD user wants to be able to modify or tweak the CLI auto rendering to meet the particular needs of their product.

To meet this need, Tail-f has produced an extensive set of YANG extension statements with which the ConfD user can annotate their YANG data models in order to customize the auto rendering of the CLI.

A few months ago, we released the application note “Customizing the ConfD CLI: Configuration Mode” in which a deeper look was taken at some of the more common YANG extension statements used to customize the default YANG data model driven auto rendering of ConfD’s CLI in configuration mode.

This month’s application note “Customizing the ConfD CLI: Operational Mode” is a companion piece which takes a deeper look at ConfD’s CLI in operational mode with a focus on customizing “show” commands.

You can get your copy of the application note here.

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