ConfD Integration with Legacy Systems Using the CDB API

New Call-to-actionThe “in with the new and out with the old” model of doing things just doesn’t apply to today’s infrastructure, especially after spending so much time and money to deliver hardware platforms. Getting rid of the old isn’t always the best approach. Often organizations develop new systems using the CDB API to provide access to configuration data making the data more accessible and easier to customize in new system developments. Unfortunately, what the CDB API does well for new system may not be applicable for mature platforms. Yet, there are parts of the CDB API that are very useful for legacy platforms, they just aren’t well documented.

Many of our customers leverage ConfD as their entire management plane in their products to reduce the time and resources needed to develop network management applications. Some of our customers, though, have a mature management infrastructure with a working CLI, SNMP or Web interface and would like to add a NETCONF or RESTCONF management interface without ripping or replacing the existing ones. While existing management infrastructures can certainly make use of typical integration strategies, including the use of the CDB API for mature and feature rich products, these strategies often require a significant amount of work.

As a result, many customers have asked if ConfD is capable of supporting their existing management infrastructure, while tying directly to a new management interface, such as NETCONF and RESTCONF, in a seamless fashion. The good news is that there are parts of the CDB API that can ease the amount of effort needed to integrate with a legacy platform. Even though these parts of the CDB API may not be widely known, they exist and can be leveraged today.

To help our customers reduce the work needed to deliver management to mature products I’ve written an app note specifically to show how ConfD users can integrate new management systems with their legacy counterparts using the CDB API. You can access your copy here.

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