ConfD Kick Start Guide Gets a Makeover!


From time to time, we need to update things including hairstyles, wardrobes, and even the music that we listen too. In today’s content-driven world, this is no different. Sometimes the best information or content can get outdated, stale, and even irrelevant – it’s how a constantly changing world works.

Thus is the case with our most downloaded content, the ConfD Kick Start Guide.” This guide has been a powerful asset to help new ConfD users understand the full scope of network element programmability enablement and the management plane features of ConfD. Its purpose is an introduction to ConfD, both on a hands-on level as well as understanding ConfD’s architectural principles and how it fits in with the surrounding ecosystem.  The ConfD Kick Start Guide also provides “food for thought” questions which evaluators should be considering when evaluating ConfD or any other management plane solution.

With this said, it was important to update this document to better serve ConfD users and those considering its use. The ConfD Kick Start Guide v3 has received many updates including:

  • Expanded discussion of how to get started with ConfD and next steps in learning after reading the ConfD Kick Start Guide
  • Revision of the YANG data models and sample code so that the step-by-step ConfD hands-on introduction matches the latest introductory ConfD examples
  • Fixed some formatting issues in the previous revision so that YANG data models, sample code, and CLI commands can now be easily copied and pasted from the PDF document
  • Updated discussion to reflect the change from the legacy Tail-f REST API to the standards-based RESTCONF API
  • General update and modernization to reflect the latest trends and lessons learned since the last revision was published in 2016

We know that there are many organizations that are just learning about ConfD or even evaluating ConfD today. They are all trying to figure out if it is a viable purchase decision versus building their own network management solution with programmability support. There are many elements that go into this decision, one key point to consider is that by using ConfD, your application development team can focus on the unique application features of your product and let ConfD provide market-leading management plane and programmability capabilities.

We know that sometimes what once was a fresh piece of content can become stale. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to help with your hairstyle or wardrobe. Lucky for you, what we can do is help by providing a new fresh version of the ConfD Kick Start Guide. We have done our best to provide you with a fresh introductory look at ConfD, its uses, and expanded integrations with many of the modern machine-to-machine and human-to-machine management interfaces. Take a look and let us know your thoughts.

Download your copy today!

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