ConfD Legacy REST API to RESTCONF Migration


We introduced an experimental REST API interface for ConfD in 2012, which eventually became a full production interface. The IETF then took that idea of having a REST interface alongside NETCONF, and produced the RESTCONF standard which we contributed to and support. These interfaces have co-existed in ConfD for several years, but it is now time to retire the original legacy REST interface in favor of the IETF standards-based RESTCONF interface.

With this in mind, I wrote the “ConfD Legacy REST API to RESTCONF Migration” application note to cover the differences between the original REST API interface and newer standards-based RESTCONF. The goal is to help current users quickly and easily migrate their applications which use the REST API interface to RESTCONF.

As with many approaches to automation and programmability, it is important to stay current to help drive the integration and innovation needed to deliver next-generation networks. We see moving from a proprietary REST API to a standard based REST API of RESTCONF as the right move to help current and future users be successful. This is a natural progression and something that will ultimately improve your network programmability capabilities.

>>Download the application note now

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