ConfD RESTCONF Token Authentication

This year has been a great opportunity to educate and help you build your knowledge about ConfD and its features; especially new features. One example of this is our recent application note about the new ConfD RESTCONF feature to generate Swagger definitions from YANG data models.

In this month’s application note, we take a deeper look at a new authentication option for use with RESTCONF which became available as of ConfD v6.6. This new RESTCONF authentication option is token authentication. Previously, the only RESTCONF authentication method which was available for use in ConfD was username/password authentication. Although RESTCONF traffic is normally encrypted and carried over HTTPS, it can sometimes be desirable to use a different authentication method within that encrypted channel.

In the world of REST, it is common to see RESTful servers which support token-based authentication. The token is provided in the HTTP(S) header using the X-Auth-Token field. There are several different possible approaches to using token-based authentication. Tokens can be fixed or they can change over time. A fixed pre-known token can be used or initial username/password authentication can be used and a token provided in the response which is used for subsequent.

In this application note, we examine what RESTCONF token authentication is, how it works, and how to use it with ConfD. Download your copy today.

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