Customizing the ConfD CLI: Configuration Mode

Every day finding ways to install, manipulate, and delete the configuration of network elements takes time, especially when you consider all the CLI’s tied to these network elements. We are huge proponents for standardizing network management protocols. The benefit is greater visibility and control of network elements. As users of ConfD you know it enables fast and inexpensive management functionality and programmability for your solutions.

One of the most powerful and visible of ConfD’s data model driven features is the ability to auto-render the northbound interfaces. As a user, you can simply write a YANG data model, start ConfD, and log into a fully functional CLI. However, ConfD users always want to do customization of the default auto rendering to achieve the CLI which they want their customers to use. Over the years, Tail-f has introduced an extensive set of YANG extension statements which ConfD developers can use to annotate their YANG data model to customize the CLI rendering.

This month’s application note takes a deep dive into some of the most commonly used CLI customization YANG extension statements which are used in CLI configuration mode. The reader will gain a better understanding of these statements as they are described and an example of usage and results are shown. This month’s application note will help many users kick-start their CLI customization activities. A future application note will take a look at customization of the CLI operational mode.

You can get your copy of the application note here

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