Developer Days 2015 – What Will You Learn?

We are excited to bring back Tail-f Developers’ Days. It’s a unique opportunity for customers to engage directly with our developers and domain experts on various topics.  From the latest updates on relevant IETF work, various API topics, and best practices, there are sure to be discussions that are relevant to your ConfD applications.

It is also an opportunity to socialize with our technical staff and get some of your most prevalent questions answered.  According to one of our regular attendees, “Tail-f Developer Days is fun and incredibly productive. You get to learn from the best and share with the rest. The lead Tail-f developers present interesting and relevant topics, answer questions and give an insider’s perspective to the products.  This is a must-attend event for Tail-f users.”

In addition to the topics that you would expect us to cover such as an update on IETF NETCONF and YANG activity, the perennially favorite ConfD application debugging tips and tricks, and XPath, there will be sessions looking at some of the newer ConfD features such as the Python API and the JSON RPC API.

Development tools are always important to developers and there will be sessions focused on writing plug-ins for pyang, the YANG parsing tool, and lux, an open source functional testing tool written by Tail-f engineers.  As always, the Developer Days sessions are designed for interactivity with the attendees who are encouraged to ask questions.  As part of the interactivity theme, there will also be panel sessions where attendees will be asked to bring up use cases and questions for discussion around topics which we may not have a session for in the agenda.

In short, you can expect to come away from this conference armed with some insider tips, best practices, and contacts to make your job of working with ConfD that much more efficient.  We encourage you to attend.  It will be well worth it!


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