EANTC 2021 Multi-Vendor NETCONF/YANG SDN Management Interoperability Test Results Are Now Available

We are excited to tell you that the EANTC Multi-Vendor NETCONF and YANG SDN Management Interoperability Test results for 2021 have just been published in a new white paper. The in-depth tests were conducted in April and thoroughly tested the readiness of orchestrator/controller and router solutions’ interoperability using NETCONF as the management protocol with standardized YANG models. The vendors that participated included Cisco, Ciena, IP Infusion, and Nokia.

EANTC (European Advanced Networking Test Center) is internationally recognized as an objective test center that provides vendor-neutral network test facilities for manufacturers, service providers, and enterprise customers. The EANTC Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test is a yearly showcase event where vendors cooperate to design real-world use case test scenarios. Vendors work together preparing and implementing the testing that focuses on service provider use cases. EANTC’s interoperability results describe use case scenarios and design blueprints, which service providers can adopt for their own network designs. The testing report results are invaluable in kicking off network innovation projects, fulfilling RFP interoperability requirements, and avoiding individual PoCs that cover similar technical issues.

We are encouraging all vendors to participate in the next NETCONF and YANG interoperability testing event which will take place this Fall. The event details will be posted on EANTC’s website. Vendors that participate in this initiative benefit from accelerated multi-vendor interoperability and standards compliance of YANG data model implementations. The initiative provides a unique opportunity to test and troubleshoot interoperability with third-party vendors in a friendly pre-production environment. NETCONF testing includes a distributed and automated test bed with virtualized and physical solutions that are timely and efficient. Participating in the test event improves product quality and reduces implementation time for customer projects. Because vendors have shown an ability to rapidly address negative results, only positive results are published and made available in a free white paper on the EANTC website.

Click here to access the EANTC Multi-Vendor NETCONF/YANG-Based SDN Management Interoperability Test 2021 white paper.

For additional information, read my previous blog about the testing event and another article that describes what EANTC interop testing is. You can also find information about last year’s event.

For more information on how to participate, contact EANTC (www.eantc.de) directly:

Managing Director: Carsten Rossenhövel – cross@eantc.de

Marketing: Laura Sergi – sergi@eantc.de