EANTC NETCONF & YANG Interoperability Events

CommunityIn November 2020, the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) held the “Multi-Vendor NETCONF/YANG-Based SDN Management Interoperability Test 2020” event in Berlin via virtual participation. This interoperability test event focused solely on NETCONF interop using transport network-specific YANG data models. This first-time NETCONF-focused event looked at interoperability of the management plane (between controllers/orchestrators and switches/routers) with a number of use case scenarios:

  • 5G end-to-end slicing across data center, core/aggregation, and access using different transport technologies
  • Enterprise VPN services, specifically data center interconnect (DCI)
  • Cloud-RAN xhaul and packet network clocking

This interoperability event has resulted in the recent publication of an 18-page report detailing the use cases and test results. You can learn more about the event and read the report on EANTC’s website.

EANTC has scheduled their next NETCONF and YANG focused interop event for April 2021 with advance planning meetings beginning in February 2021. Per EANTC, this event “provides a unique opportunity to test and troubleshoot interoperability with third-party vendors in a friendly pre-production environment. Previously, EANTC transport network interoperability tests took place only once per year. For NETCONF testing, a distributed, automated testbed with virtualized solutions will be more timely, more efficient, and require less support. Participating in the test event improves quality and reduces implementation time in customer projects.” You can learn more about this upcoming event and sign up to participate on EANTC’s website.