Engineers/Developers wanted to support the future of network orchestration!

Cisco became the market leader in network service orchestration for both physical and virtual network elements in 2014 when it acquired Tail-f Systems, a Stockholm-headquartered company. The Stockholm central office of Cisco is now the R&D center for the growing area of service orchestration, a key enabler of SDN and NFV in the exploding Service Provider market. Along with this growth is the need to hire very talented professionals for our engineering and development teams.

Hiring great talent, with a passion for technology and user experience is fundamental for the Tail-f team within Cisco. The engineering group consists of the original Tail-f founding development team providing any new hire with a wealth of experience and depth. A key to our success is how well the group functions together while understanding customer use cases and making agile decisions about the product direction. Agile and Lean principles help us create a culture where teams work autonomously and cross functionally to maximize the customer experience. We have a bottom-up approach for decision-making and our engineers are empowered with ownership throughout the product lifecycle.

Cisco Sveavägen office was opened in 2015 to grow Tail-f. It is equipped with state of the art telepresence tools, adjustable height desks, ergonomic chairs and well-equipped lunchroom. We have our own bike storage, showers and lockers on the grown floor. The office culture is very open and friendly. Twice a week we offer afternoon snacks and each month we have a deep dive technical talk. There is a start-up feel to the office but with the security and benefits of a multinational organization.

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