Tail-f — ConfD Developer Days 2019

When: October 22-23, 2019

Location: San Jose, California

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We are excited at the wide variety of ConfD team members that will be attending and presenting at this year’s Developer Days including ConfD principal engineers, architects, software developers, product support, solution architects, and product management.  This is your opportunity to meet, learn, and interact with them.

In addition to the learning opportunities during the conference, attendees will be able to continue their education afterward as each attendee will receive a copy of the new book “Network Programmability with YANG”.

Westin Hotel (event room rate $299 a night)
302 S Market St
San Jose, CA 95113
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Event pricing: Early Bird Tickets $250 before Sept. 9, 2019. (Normally $400)

ConfD Developer Days 2019 Agenda

ConfD Recent and Future Roadmap

This session will provide a high-level overview of major new features which have been added to ConfD during the past year as well as a look at ConfD’s future roadmap.

ConfD Recent New Features Demos

Multiple short sessions will be focused on recently added ConfD features. They will discuss what the feature is, how it works, and present a demonstration of the feature in action.

Improving ConfD Application Performance

In order to improve your ConfD application’s performance, you need to understand what to measure, how to measure it, and what tools to use. This session will provide you with the information that you need to do so. Other performance impacting topics such as when to store operational data in CDB and when not to do so will also be covered.

Advanced Application Debugging

This session aims to improve your ConfD application debugging skills. Examples of difficult debugging scenarios based on real-world issues will be presented and a discussion of what techniques were used to effectively debug them. Additionally, how to make a small example to reproduce a problem in order to effectively interact with ConfD Support will be discussed.

Distributed Network Wide Transactions

This in-depth session examines the theory of distributed network-wide transactions and how they get realized in the network and the part that network elements need to play. This understanding the how and why of network-wide transactions is important for making sure that the network element which you produce provides the proper foundation on which network-wide transactions can be built.


This talk focuses on how and why higher-level controllers and orchestrators benefit from having your network device support NETCONF based programmability rather than proprietary APIs or CLI scripting. For example scenarios, Cisco NSO and NETCONF NEDs (Network Element Driver) will provide the framework of discussion from the orchestrator’s viewpoint.

NSO as a Tool for NETCONF and YANG Testing

Did you know that Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is available for free download for non-production use? This session examines how NSO can be used as an important tool for testing your NETCONF and YANG implementation for interoperability and service automation best practices as well as transactional behavior.

ConfD Memory Usage and Performance Improvements

Recently, some significant memory usage and performance improvements were made in ConfD. This session will look at what the improvements are as well as an under the covers look at what was done inside of ConfD to achieve them.

ConfD Developer GitHub

This session will introduce the new ConfD Developer GitHub. This public GitHub space will provide a resource for hosting ConfD related projects from demos, examples, and application note sample code to user submitted projects. This session will provide an orientation to what the ConfD Developer GitHub is as well present policies and procedures for participating.

ConfD Boot Camp

This half-day break out session will be available for new ConfD developers and will provide a tutorial introduction to the basics of developing ConfD applications including CDB API, DP API, MAAPI, debugging basics, and more.

Ask an Expert Over Lunch

During the lunches on each day, themed tables will be provided for roundtable discussions of technical topics with ConfD experts. Table Topics for this year will include CDB API, DP API, Security, Debugging, CLI, YANG best practices, REST to RESTCONF migration, plus more.

Evening Mixer Reception

After the day one technical sessions are over, an evening mixer reception with snacks and beverages will be held. This is a great opportunity for networking with other attendees of the conference.

Plus More…

*Session and topics subject to change.

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