Cisco Developer Days EMEAR 2021

Developer Days is an opportunity for both new and experienced automation practitioners to come together and network, share best practices, and learn more about what is coming next for Network Services Orchestrator (NSO).

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Webinar: Understanding the YANG Push Standard

The YANG Push standard enables a more efficient and configurable way for Network Devices to push data to subscribed clients. Learn how ConfD supports this standard.

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Webinar: Network Management Datastore Architecture (NMDA)

Just as “time waits for no man,” the world of NETCONF & YANG isn’t standing still. This applies directly to IETF standards, they evolve as real-world experience is gained. Datastores are a good example of this.

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Webinar: ConfD Transaction Manager

As a ConfD application developer, you should be aware that when data is read or written from any of the ConfD northbound interfaces and APIs that data must go through the ConfD transaction engine before reaching the CDB datastores and applications via the southbound APIs. The ConfD transaction manager is tightly integrated with all ConfD components. When designing your application integration with ConfD and configuring ConfD, there are a number of crucial questions to consider during application design.

We are presenting a one-hour webinar in which we will focus on ConfD’s transaction engine and go through the most common and impactful design decisions when integrating with ConfD’s transaction manager while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

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