Get to know ConfD and YANG through the ConfD User Community Forum


It has been four years since we launched the ConfD User Community Forum, the best place for ConfD users to interact with one another and share knowledge about ConfD as well as general NETCONF and YANG discussion. It has been amazing to watch the conversations that are being held week after week. The community of users has stepped up to provide helpful insights, interesting answers to hard questions, and exact code to help other ConfD developers to improve the functionality of their network elements. We have also received valuable feedback about how to continue to enhance ConfD in future releases.

One thing that has remained the same since day one is the great conversations about YANG and network programmability. Currently, there are more posts about the use of YANG and its value to network element providers than any other subject. Considering the rapid industry adoption of NETCONF and YANG, it is good to see the ConfD User Community Forum fulfilling one of its core missions: going beyond being a ConfD-specific discussion community and also serving as a NETCONF and YANG knowledge resource.

Of course, ever since Tail-f helped to define and standardize YANG, ConfD has leveraged the power of this data modeling language. YANG allows ConfD users to build more robust and resilient products in less time. Those who leverage YANG-enabled products have the peace of mind that they are using an industry standard that helps their solutions meet the current and future needs of their service provider customers.

We wanted to provide a quick snapshot of just a few of the most read and commented on posts regarding YANG in the ConfD User Community Forum:

Everyone is welcome to the ConfD User Community Forum, the place for current and future ConfD users to interact with one another and share their knowledge about ConfD. Although YANG is the number one topic on the forum, there are also many conversations around NETCONF, APIs, CDB, Northbound Interfaces, and an entire section for suggestions to help improve ConfD. If you haven’t taken the chance to look at the ConfD User Community Forum yet, now is the time, join us here.

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