Give Your ConfD Applications a Kick(er)

CommunityWhen a configuration change is received by ConfD, how can your applications be notified of the change and act on it?  Of course, you immediately answered that question with the answer “use a CDB subscriber”.  However, did you know that there is an alternative to using CDB subscribers?  This is the Kicker feature in ConfD.

Kicker is a dynamic, declarative notification mechanism for monitoring for configuration database changes which uses ConfD “action” handlers.  Kicker originated as the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) needed a dynamic mechanism that could trigger actions based on a change in the configuration or a received NETCONF notification.  This feature was inherited by ConfD.  Kicker works across the entire configuration datastore; both for CDB and external databases which use a Data Provider.

The highlights of the Kicker feature are:

  • Offers similar capabilities as CDB subscribers.
  • Unlike CDB subscribers, Kickers are declarative and dynamic.
  • The declarative part involves defining an action in your YANG data models to be invoked.
  • The dynamic part comes with configuring YANG modeled conditions under which the action is invoked.
  • Unlike CDB subscribers, Kicker can be used with configuration data stored in an external database outside of ConfD.
  • Kicker triggered actions execute outside the context of the transaction which may have triggered the condition. For work that can safely be done outside a transaction, Kicker can improve overall transaction performance.

Kicker is an important tool in the toolbox of the ConfD application developer when incorporating ConfD into their platform.

Download the application note “Using the Kicker Feature in ConfD” to learn what Kicker is, how you can use it, and when and why you should use it.

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