Guest Blog: The Benefits of Being a Conference Goer

With Tail-f Developer Days approaching, I wanted to share my thoughts on why you should consider attending the conference. Here are my top five reasons why I am attending Tail-f Developer Days:

  1. I have an opportunity to learn from the best and engage with Tail-f developers and technical support to gain in-depth know-how.
  2. I’m able to share with other conference goers. I can swap experiences with other users and get new ideas on how to leverage Tail-f products within my organization.
  3. I stay current by learning what is new and forthcoming in the world of model-driven configuration management and orchestration.
  4. I get acquainted with related Tail-f products, which I might not be using but should explore.
  5. I’m able to network and reconnect with Tail-f users and staff, as well as make new connections.

Consider attending this year’s conference and if you are already attending I look forward to connecting with you at the Tuesday night mixer event. See you there.


Chris Sommers, Ixia

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