Guest Blog Post: Three Reasons Why I Attend Developer Days!

I have been using Tail-f’s ConfD solution from the very early days of the product. The company I work for, Sonus was one of the first customers to use the solution. So I may be coming from a different perspective than the typical user about the upcoming ConfD Developer Days 2016 event. But what I would tell those that are attending or thinking about attending would be that you will learn so much more from personal interactions with the Tail-f engineer team and longtime users like me. My top three reasons for attending the conference are:

  • I always learn something that I didn’t know about ConfD, even after using it for nearly a decade
  • It is helpful to see how others use ConfD
  • I enjoy rubbing shoulders with the support engineers I work with over the phone on a regular basis. It creates a personal relationship that ultimately improves our usage of ConfD

ConfD Developer Days is a great way to get a deeper understanding of ConfD and share experiences with other users. I look forward to meeting with the Tail-f developers during and after sessions.


Donald Cantwell, Distinguished Engineer at Sonus



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