Welcome to our new blog!

A very excited “Hello World” from, and a warm welcome to, Tail-f Systems’ blog.

This blog is created on the simple realization that we constantly have so many interesting and exciting conversations about network management and automation with customers and partners, but also inside the Tail-f team, that it is plainly unfair not to share them with a wider audience.

You’ll find that the subjects will varied across from general technology directions in the industry all the way down to nitty-gritty technical details in our products and the environments we encounter. Software development is at the core of our interest and the application of that to network engineering is where we spend our cycles. Call it network automation, SDN, or simply configuration management if you will. We have the experience and the thougths around it.

Hopefully we’ll be able to bring value to the discussion around the current and future industry directions in network management that we feel strongly about and that you, dear reader, will get food for thought out of it. We look eagerly look forward to your comments and feedback in the comment fields here or directly to me at calle@tail-f.com or @cmoberg on twitter.