Improve your NETCONF Testing

We often talk about the importance of programmability driven by NETCONF & YANG. When the topic arises, most people will think about the issues involved with the development and integration of the NETCONF interface. However, just as important is the testing of the implementation.

Network management interfaces can be quite complex which results in the need to develop extensive test suites. If the tests have to be developed from scratch, this can involve a very large investment of resources. However, the required work can be reduced if there would be a way to leverage existing test suites from other northbound interfaces. The good news is that we have come up with a way to do just that.

Our application note “NYAT: Converting CLI Test Vectors to NETCONF” explains how existing CLI test vectors (states) can be quickly and easily converted for use with NETCONF using your network element along with no-cost software tools. Download your copy today to learn how to take your NETCONF & YANG testing to the next level!