Interoperability at MPLS+SDN/NFVWorld Congress

I had the great privilege of attending this year’s MPLS+SDN/NFVWorld Congress in Paris. The event included many great presentations and opportunities to rub shoulders with some very smart and talented individuals. One exciting item that happened during the event was the EANTC Interoperability Showcase 2017. We (Cisco) were able to participate in the NETCONF/YANG interoperability testing part of the showcase along with three other companies (Ericsson, Huawei and RAD). This provided a good forum for the testing that was done on the interoperability of each company’s SDN controller with multiple forwarding devices in the SDN area focusing on NETCONF/YANG.

The interoperability tests focused on the innovations in SDN areas that enable services. The tests were performed and the results documented in the following areas:

  • Device Configuration Using NETCONF/YANG
  • L3VPN Service Creation Using NETCONF/YANG
  • Virtual CPE Integration in WAN SDN Network
  • L2 Service Performance Monitoring using NETCONF/YANG
  • L2 Service Activation using NETCONF
  • The interoperability testing

The results were positive and showed that the four participants are able to quickly proceed to solve interoperability issues. We are excited with the results and the number of new vendors who showed great interest in the orchestration role. To learn more about the findings and what interoperability testing shows download the Interoperability Showcase 2017 whitepaper.

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