You Made Developer Days a Success!

We have put to bed another fantastic ConfD Developer Days event. Over the past week, we have had time to contemplate and assess the results of the event. First, thank you to all who attended, this year’s event has been the most successful to date with a 30 percent increase in attendees from last year and nearly half of all attendees were from outside the US. It was great rubbing shoulders with attendees and hearing each person’s story. Having a community of like-minded professionals not only strengthens the community but also benefits the solutions as we move forward.

Second, the Tail-f team mentioned to me over and over about how excited they were to hear attendee stories, answer great in-depth questions and connect in person with so many fantastic users of ConfD and NETCONF/YANG. We hope that attendees made lasting connections with others at the event as well. Everyone’s excitement was contagious and helped improve the presentations, conversations and overall learning at the event.

Finally, the presentations according to a quick survey we did showed that attendees found the “ConfD Application Development and Debugging Tips and Tricks” and “What’s Next for ConfD” the most useful. This is no surprise as many came to learn how to better use ConfD and what the future holds for the product. We also received feedback on splitting the event into new and heavy user sessions to help meet the needs of the attendees. As the event continues to grow this will be the natural direction of the event.

We are already looking at and discussing the topics and direction for the next event. We always strive to pick topics that will maximum the benefit to attendees and each year we look to cover new topics. If you came this year, come back to our next event and bring friends. If you didn’t attend, clearly you missed out on some powerful information. If you are interested in any of the presentations or would like to get a run down on what was shared send us a note, we would be happy to provide you with more information.

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