Model-Based Management with YANG

While considering the purpose of life and the universe as we know it, I came across a great whitepaper by IDC on “Achieving Automation with YANG Modeling Technologies.” With our extensive background in YANG modeling and its application to the content and operations layers in NETCONF, I was curious what IDC had to say.

Many things caught my eye in the whitepaper and I wanted to share a few that peaked my interest:

1. Automation is a key step to improve the agility of network operations and infrastructure. Each of the SPs interviewed rated automation of network management as either important or very important. The majority of SPs interviewed believe that model-based abstractions are fundamental to how automation is implemented. As a top 10 global SP stated, “NETCONF/YANG is a fundamental part of the company’s transformation to automate services.”

Leveraging technology to improve performance, agility and decision making is powerful as many network automation professionals try to understand their place and impact in an instant everything economy. For years now, we have noticed this trend and understand how technology delivers greater enhancements. Automating services has and will continue to be the key competitive differentiation as more and more enterprises look to deliver automated services more efficiently.

2. SPs are identifying model-driven abstraction and automation using technologies like YANG and NETCONF as essential to support these automation initiatives and the key to increased usage by business customers, for which the network delivers a competitive edge.

I know this is kind of a “no duh” to our community of ConfD users who live and breathe this every day. We not only get behind but also have built into our solutions that model-driven abstraction and programmability that the market needs. We see this not only in the SP users, but network element providers (NEP) and other industries trying to create greater programmability while staying very competitive.

3. As a step toward modernizing and automating operations, a prominent North American SP is requiring YANG and NETCONF support as a replacement for SNMP and CLI capabilities saying, “For our RFPs, it is a mandatory requirement for NETCONF/YANG support on all Layer 1–3 networking products.”

We were the first and continue to be at the center of the NETCONF and YANG world, so it is no surprise to watch more organizations take advantage of NETCONF and YANG capabilities. We recently wrote an article on some of the advanced options for NETCONF and YANG and the common questions that many NEPs ask related to these modeling languages. Take a look and let us know if any of these resonate with you.

At the end of the day, the YANG modeling language offers greater agility, programmability and management. It is no wonder that its usage is expanding beyond network programmability to broader business services. To learn more about ConfD and YANG we have a ConfD training video series that covers the fundamentals and deep knowledge as it pertains to both NETCONF and YANG. To view the ConfD training video series simply go to our training page found at

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