What did I see at MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress 2018?

2018 is off to an amazing start; we have seen new opportunities with so many customers and have been able to travel to many of their communities. This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress in Paris, France. I have never been here and really wanted to take a bit of time to take in the culture and sites. It is amazing here; I love the food, the Art and the people.

While at the show, I was pleased with how many of the people I talked with were knowledgeable about NETCONF & YANG and beyond that how many are currently using it. This is a shift from just a few short years ago when not that many people had even heard of them. I used to spend all of my time explaining these network programmability and data modeling languages to attendees. Now, I can move past what it is and get to the heart of the matter, that NETCONF & YANG are the keys to automating management of service deployments. Today, service providers now demand NETCONF & YANG support as a “must have” requirement to virtual and physical equipment providers in their RFQs.

Included in all these conversations was the enormous brand recognition of Tail-f. It was fun to hear from the majority of people who stopped by the booth that they knew or used our technology. Even more exciting was the recognition of many NSO service provider customers about the value that ConfD brings to seamless interworking with NSO.

Additionally, one other element of this year’s event was the EANTC Interoperability Test. Once again, NETCONF & YANG interoperability testing was featured. Several vendors participated and our sibling technology Cisco NSO had a great showing in the results. What a good way to show how vendors are leveraging NETCONF and YANG and to see so many more participate each year. In case you missed it, here is the full EANTC Interoperability Test results report.

In the coming months, come back to Tail-f.com as we continue to share customer stories, provide application notes and more details on programmability as the key driver of automation. This, of course, includes using NETCONF & YANG for automated service deployments through customer portals and how it can minimize the risk of errors, eliminate the need for network element drivers/adaptors, and device configuration.

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