NETCONF Integration of Legacy SNMP Operational Data

It is a common occurrence for us to work with a customer who has a need to add programmability via NETCONF and YANG to a legacy system which is currently managed by the traditional means of CLI for configuration and SNMP for monitoring.

The obvious solution is to replace the existing management plane implementation with ConfD, write YANG data models, and integrate the backend applications to the ConfD API. However, while this approach does result in a robust integration which provides a solid platform for additional future feature development, it has the downside of requiring a significant investment of time and effort to do so.

As a result, we always keep an eye out for ways to speed up the integration of ConfD into a legacy system. In the past, we have published several application notes and whitepapers which have examined strategies for phasing ConfD into a system and ways of leveraging ConfD features to speed up initial integration for NETCONF configuration support including leveraging the existing CLI.

Our latest application note “NETCONF Integration of Legacy SNMP Operational Data” {link} looks at a way to speed up the initial integration for NETCONF operational data support by leveraging a legacy system’s existing SNMP implementation. This application note takes a look at ConfD’s SNMP Gateway feature and how it can be used to source operational data from an existing SNMP implementation. This allows the existing implementation to be leveraged with no need to write any YANG data models or application source code to achieve this.

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