NETCONF and YANG at Cisco Live! 2016

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak on NETCONF and YANG technology at Cisco Live! 2016.  This was my first time at the conference, the sheer size of the show and the number of attendees was simply mind blowing.  I met with many of you and even more attendees from around the world.  The common theme among all the attendees was an eagerness to learn and absorb all they could about networking drivers and innovations.

Of course, this included learning all they could about NETCONF and YANG.  While speaking with a couple attendees in the hallway, one of them asked me what I was speaking on at the event.   When I replied “NETCONF and YANG”, another attendee standing next to us stepped over to me and told me that NETCONF and YANG was one of the reasons he came to the show and wanted to learn everything he could.   We had a great conversation and I was excited to see him later in the audience during one of my sessions on the topic.

This was not an isolated incident; I had many similar experiences throughout the course of the show.  It was certainly exciting to see the acceptance that NETCONF and YANG has received globally.  Back when I first started working with NETCONF more than 7 years ago, no one that I talked to knew what it was.  Eventually, Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) began to see the value in offering NETCONF and YANG support for their devices and Service Providers (SPs) recognized the operational efficiency to be gained from using systems which leverage NETCONF and YANG.  So, it was very exciting to me to now see Network Engineers from both Service Providers and Enterprises knowing what NETCONF and YANG are and wanting to learn more about them.

Learn more about NETCONF and YANG here:

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