NETCONF and YANG Interoperability Test

Working at the epicenter of NETCONF and YANG world, it’s no surprise that, here at Tail-f, we have received many questions around NETCONF and YANG interoperability test results over the last few years.  It was therefore with great interest and anticipation that we accepted the invitation from the independent networking test house EANTC to participate as protocol experts and judges in the first official NETCONF and YANG device interoperability tests.

The results have been complete for some time now.  However, we decided to hold off speaking about this event until the EANTC White Paper came out.

Four vendors were tested with respect to their conformance to the NETCONF protocol and their YANG data models.  Cisco ASR9k, Ixia NetOptics xStream and the BTI 7800 family of devices all passed the 8 test cases.  The fourth vendor, a major Asian device manufacturer, did not manage to pass this year, but will hopefully be able to pass next year.  All passing vendors implemented NETCONF 1.1 (RFC6241), which is the most recent version of the protocol, including the get-schema operation.  This allows a manager to download the correct version of the YANG data models directly from the device.

While a variety of NETCONF and YANG implementations have been interop tested at IETF through the years, this was the first NETCONF and YANG interop test driven by an independent body and towards actual commercially available devices from multiple vendors.  We are already looking forward to the next interop event, where we expect more vendors to participate as their NETCONF and YANG implementations are ready and mature.

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