Network Equipment Providers differentiate using data models in YANG and NETCONF

We recently sponsored a white paper with Heavy Reading looking at creating the programmable network. The major premise of the paper is that it’s time for network equipment providers to get on board with a network configuration standard. Those equipment vendors that realize this today will be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition as service providers move to dynamic, self-provisioning network services.

Senior analyst Caroline Chappell took a deep dive into the business case for NETCONF and YANG in network devices. The NETCONF protocol and YANG data modeling language support writing configurations to multiple vendor devices and transactionality across configuration sequences, providing a standard language for modeling both devices and services. She pointed out that many large equipment vendors have already incorporated NETCONF and YANG into their devices, and the reasons driving them to adopt the IETF standards include:

  • The need to stay in business
  • The ability to participate in market-leading RFPs
  • Short-term differentiation
  • Reduced internal development costs
  • Readiness for network functions virtualization (NFV}

In the simplest of terms, equipment providers that implement NETCONF and YANG today can effectively future-proof themselves.

If you have not already downloaded the Heavy Reading white paper, I’d highly recommend you do. It’s a great read and chalk full of useful insights for NEPs and service providers from one of the top authorities on the telecom market and the future of software-defined networking (SDN) and NFV technologies.

You can download the paper here.

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