Notes on Our SDN Survey and Findings

Tail-f just completed its first ever SDN survey, and I have been speaking with the media about it for the last couple of weeks. It’s been a great experience to see such a positive response as I look to see what exactly is going on with businesses and SDN. Overall, I have seen a couple of new trends that highlight want a new area SDN is for businesses. The two main takeaways of the survey were these points:

  1. Interest in SDN is extremely high. It was actually higher than any other topic including cloud, mobility, and virtualization.
  2. Also, respondents are profoundly confused about exactly what SDN is.

Either of the above points would make for an interesting discussion about the future of SDN (whatever it is) and its potential impact on the industry. But together I see that the combination of excitement and confusion about the technology is a good indicator of how early we are in the hype cycle.

Some of the confusion over what SDN really is comes from the fact that it’s mainly the vendors that are currently defining it. The concept of SDN in itself does not have an organizational home (even if the ONF may want to claim it) or any small set of influential voices. It is, rather, the sum of all companies that feel they have a stake in it. And that list of companies has been growing rapidly over the last few months.

At its core, the main drivers of SDN come from the growing need of businesses for more time- and cost-efficient control over their applications and services. For more information about the SDN survey results, please click on the image of the infographic.