NSO Driven NETCONF and YANG Interoperability Testing


How do you tell if your NETCONF and YANG implementation is done right and can allow your device or application to be easily automated without requiring any special or error handling coding to deal with non-RFC compliant behavior?

A good way to validate your NETCONF and YANG implementation is to participate in our NSO Driven Interoperability program which uses Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) along with the Pioneer and DrNED Examiner plug-in packages.  This program allows you to not only test your device for basic NETCONF and YANG interoperability but also test it for service automation best practices.

To further show the value here, we have written an “NSO Driven Interoperability User Guide” to walk you through the installation process for NSO and the plug-in packages. This application note covers the procedures for creating the test cases and using the automated state transition capabilities of the DrNED Examiner tool to help you identify the potential NETCONF implementation issues.

Some of the possible NETCONF implementation issues that can be uncovered include:

  1. Side effects in your application created outside of what is specified in an <edit-config> request
  2. Data type mismatches between what is defined in YANG and what is returned through NETCONF,
  3. Order dependencies issues in the <edit-config> requests

Starting with the most typical use cases for your product and then creating typical NETCONF configurations to enable those use cases is a great first step in the process.  It also makes sense to come up with a couple of intermediate incremental configurations to get to the desired configuration state in order to generate more test cases.

Additionally, with the DrNED Examiner tool, you will then be able to transition through all possible combinations amongst the NETCONF configurations you have created to uncover the potential issues previously described.

We think you should take the time to go through the NSO Driven Interoperability validation process to assure your customers that your product can be automated or orchestrated across traditional and virtualized networks using the industry-leading NSO software.

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