NYAT User Guide v4 Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of version 4 of the NETCONF & YANG Automation Testing (NYAT) User Guide. The NYAT program enables the testing of NETCONF-enabled network elements for both standards compliance as well as automation best practices known as the Service Automation Criteria (SAC). As part of our ongoing efforts to improve and enhance the NYAT program, the latest revision of the NYAT User Guide provides more background material and new and improved as well as easier to use testing steps.

Highlights of what is new in v4:

  • Enhanced material about why performing NYAT on your NETCONF-enabled network element is important.
  • A complete description of the Service Automation Criteria (SAC).
  • Discussion of common design problems for SAC compliance and ways to address them.
  • Information about how to run NYAT tools in a Docker Container.
  • New automation scripts have been added as an alternative to manually onboarding a test device and creating an NSO NETCONF NED for it.
  • Added a validation step using the yanger tool as a step to catch issues prior to building the NETCONF NED and thus avoid having to run the NSO NETCONF NED Builder repeatedly to catch each error.
  • Added information about how to annotate the device YANG data models so that NSO can be informed to treat certain data types differently such as encrypted strings.

Download the NYAT User Guide v4 today!