Programmability with Integration: Quagga

We have been focusing on ways to get more information and capabilities into your hands. One way we have been achieving this is through regular application notes that provide enough technical detail to make you dangerous in the network programmability world. This month we have decided to a look at one possible way of integrating ConfD with a third party software package which already has a CLI interface.

You may ask yourself, why would someone want to do this when a software package already has a CLI? The reasons are many, but a few include unified system management, additional northbound management interfaces, and gaining programmability. A typical network element will contain more than one software application. By using ConfD you enable a common set of management interfaces across all applications. This is an advantage over many third party software packages that provide a limited set of management interfaces. The example third party package we chose to highlight in this month’s application note is the Quagga routing suite.

Quagga currently only provides a CLI. By using ConfD with Quagga you can use ConfD’s other northbound management interfaces such as NETCONF and the Web API to manage Quagga. We think you will like the information and technical background provided in our latest application note. Get your copy here.

In addition to the application note, we also released a video demonstrating the example integration with Quagga in action. You can watch the video here.

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