Service Orchestration Update: AT&T Selects Tail-f as a New Domain 2.0 Vendor

The cat is finally out of the bag as AT&T has announced Tail-f as one of their new domain 2.0 vendors. John Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President — AT&T Technology and Network Operations, presented us with some amazingly kind words during his keynote presentation during Mobile World Congress this week. Certainly a proud moment for the company and an announcement that is the result of some significant forward-looking work across the Tail-f and AT&T teams. 

We believe that this is a great validation that networking is heading into a model driven future. The ability to express the syntax, structure and semantics of network equipment and services in a data modeling language and separate them from the run time platform opens up for radical change. We currently take special interest in how this approach allows for a simplified and pragmatic transition into networks built on NFV-principles with deep virtualization and friction-free scaling in and out. Watch this space.

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