SF Network Automation and Other Meetups a Great Resource

As much as I actually do enjoy the enormous events that our industry has been fond of doing over the last 10-15 years, I still feel more at home in smaller and more involved settings.

Moving to the Bay Area has given me the opportunity to explore the other end of the spectrum; the meetups. Meetups are usually fairly narrow in scope (yes, geeky), arranged by a few enthusiasts and take place in public places like the aptly named “Hacker Dojo” in Mountain View or in meeting rooms at companies that understand the value of community. I’ve had some really great experiences attending some of these meetups, so when I got the question from Kirk Byers to present to his circle of SF Network Automation I was very happy to accept.

The good folks at Thousand Eyes were kind enough to allow us to gather in their new San Francisco offices. And I managed to convince our marketing team to cover food and refreshments. The session turned out to be everything I could ever ask for. There was a lot of interactivity with the audience before, during and after the presentation. We spent a good amount of time on architectural presentations and discussions, and quite a bit of demoing.

I thought you might be interested in watching the recording from this meetup.

I would definitely recommend trying to get an opportunity to present at one of these meetings. I know that groups like SF Network Automation and Bay Area Network Virtualization organizations are always happy to take suggestions on talks (and sponsorship!) on various topics related to their interests. And more companies should of course do what Thousand Eyes did; contribute to the community by offering the use of their infrastructure to share opinions and experiences.

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