Six Reasons to Attend ConfD Developer Days 2017

You have many options for the various conferences and events that you can attend each year. Weighing the pros and cons of each can be challenging as more and more events come pop up in the market. One common question for events that comes to most minds is – is it worth it?

You may be concerned with the amount of time it takes, how far you have to travel, or what am I getting from the various sessions. These are all good questions and ones that must be addressed. With the upcoming ConfD Developer Days 2017 event only four weeks away, we wanted to provide some Pros to help you see what you will be getting beyond two days of technical education. Now don’t get us wrong, we are excited about the training and experiences you will receive. Below are six reasons to attend that should help you act now and register to attend this year’s event.

1.      Take a Break and Get Refreshed

This is a time to step away from the day-to-day environment and clear your mind, get inspired, and build new ideas. Attending this year’s event will offer a nice reprieve from work and will help expand your capabilities.

2.      Connect with New Faces and Feed off the Community Energy

Expand your network of influence and connect with other professionals just like you. You will build interests in areas you are focused on and better understand areas where you need to improve.

3.      Be Heard and be an Influencer

You get the opportunity share your experiences and influence how others are solving challenges day-to-day. You will meet directly with the ConfD experts to share your insights on projects, tools, and help influence the future of the product.

4.      Learn from Industry Experts

Learn from industry experts, like programmability thought leaders Tomas Mellgren-Director Technical Architecture, Sebastian Strollo-Principal Engineer, Per Andersson-Software Engineer, Fredrik Jansson-Architect, and others. You will learn not only from these thought leaders but also from others on how they are solving some of the same issues you are dealing with.

 5.      Sharpen your ConfD Toolset through Real-World Use Cases

Connecting your tools, our tools, their tools! There is a demand for Interoperability today. See firsthand a number of use cases to sharpen your toolset and put new arrows into your programmability quiver.

6.      Invest in Yourself

Ultimately, this is the biggest reason to attend any show. Investing in your knowledge of not only ConfD, but interoperability and programmability improvements make it worth every minute and penny spent.

Don’t forget, ConfD Developer Days 2017 will also be fun. Food, beverages, snacks, and ample break time for one-on-one conversations are all included. Learning new and innovative approaches will expand your capabilities. Don’t stress about work, by focusing on you, your boss and team will thank you for attending. You get the benefit of going out in the evenings to socialize with other attendees. So at the end of the day, why haven’t you registered yet??? Don’t wait any longer REGISTER NOW!!!

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