Tail-f Developer Days Coming Up

Developer Days 2012 is almost upon us. This is the yearly event where we take parts of our core engineering team to meet with developers in the Bay Area (September 11-12) and then on to Tel Aviv (October 22-23). Building on the energy from last year I’m very much looking forward to a the same type of spirited presentations, conversations, and exchange of ideas with some of the most experienced and interesting network management developers in their respective geographical areas.

We have some interesting new things to talk about including some developments around how to improve the way our customers communicate not only with our support team, but also among each other to share experiences and best practices. We will also talk about our recently added RESTful API (completely driven by YANG models no less) and how that will allow them to add REST to their existing management offerings. It will certainly be interesting to hear more about how our customers are planning to use this and integrate it in to their current offerings plus what kind of applications their customers (you know, the service providers and data centers) are going to come up with over time.

And, as ironic as it may sound, I’m truly looking forward to being told what doesn’t work for our customers. Both in our product feature sets and the way we interact and support them throughout their development cycles. While I do enjoy the occasional slap on the back I’ve always associated positive feedback with the risk of getting complacent and missing out on opportunities to maintain forward momentum. Knowing our customers though, I know they will tell me not only what they find lacking or in need of improvement, but also tell me how they would like us to fix it. More and less all I have to do at that point is go back and “do”. Or as Yoda would have it:

Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.

As I will be mostly hanging around the hallways during the two days (letting the core team drive the presentations), I’m always open for conversations and coffee. We’re at the Beverly Heritage Hotel so reach out if you’d like to talk network configuration and automation or get a beer with some experienced developers using our products.