Things are Moving, Myself Included

As you can tell from the surroundings of this blog post, we have been keeping busy lately with (among other things) a new web site and product videos. As the company is growing rapidly to keep up with our customer base, the need for new ways of communicating and keeping close to customers steadily increases. As a part of this process I have relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area to bring senior management and product strategy closer to our customer base in Silicon Valley and to open up our first North American offices.

The view from our new offices. 49ers stadium being built in the background.

On a personal note; moving the family closer to the heart and brain of the industry certainly makes basic logistics easier (9 hours timezone difference from Sweden is quite challenging in the long term). But more importantly, the network industry is currently in an interesting state of change, and much of the momentum is being created and amplified in the Valley. I know of no other place where you can literally bump into customers at a cafĂ© (Peet’s Coffee at the Rivermark Plaza) overhear interesting conversations on the applicability of OpenFlow and I2RS at a restaurant (Don Giovanni’s in Mountain View) or literally walk to customers from our new offices in the Techmart building on Great America Parkway.

All our development is still located at the International Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, but as we continue to explore this ever increasingly interesting problem space along with our customers and peers, we will be adding more people to our North American team. If you’re interested in joining a company that is firmly in the crossroads of computer science/software and network management, I’d humbly suggest you take a look at our careers page and consider us. And if you ever feel like a conversation around how manageability will reshape the way networks are built and how networking equipment will be designed, let me know and we’ll do it over coffee in our new offices.