Update to NSO Driven NETCONF and YANG Interoperability Testing User Guide


I’m glad to report that improvements have been made to NSO 5.2 in which the ability to build a NETCONF NED has now been fully integrated.  This new feature is called the NETCONF NED builder.  This allows the set of YANG modules that are supported by the NETCONF device to be discovered by NSO through the NETCONF <get> operation of the /netconf-state/schemas subtree if the device supports the NETCONF Monitoring RFC. Given the list of YANG schemas, the user can then decide which YANG modules to include or exclude from the NETCONF NED being built.  NSO will then retrieve the selected YANG schemas from the device in order to build the NETCONF NED.  This is very convenient and fast.  The users who will be performing NSO Interop testing no longer have to install a separate plug-in package called Pioneer to perform this function.  The detailed instructions for how to use the NETCONF NED builder has been added v2 of the User Guide.

Additionally, a section called the Minimum Success Criteria for demonstrating NSO Interoperability has been added.  It is not a good idea to target the full set of YANG modules and capabilities of your NETCONF device for NSO Interoperability in day 1.  It can be overwhelming and time-consuming.  This section describes the use of typical use cases for your product as a starting point to generate the configuration test states and the minimum set of configuration test states required in order to validate each use case.  This takes away any guesswork in coming up with your own success criteria.

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